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Acute Injury Clinic

The Acute Injury Clinic at MSK Centre is a unique clinic that aims to rapidly assess, diagnose and treat recent injuries so that treatment and recovery can begin immediately.

MSK Acute Injury Clinic

Our unique Acute Injury Clinic addresses injuries that have occurred within the last 3-4 weeks and is often the first step in the recovery process.

In this clinic, you will be promptly assessed by our Acute Injury team consisting of a physiotherapist and orthopaedic surgeon or sport medicine physician.  Treatment tailored to your specific injury may involve any of the other services offered at the MSK Centre and can begin immediately to maximize your recovery.


Acute Injuries

Our Acute Injury Clinic can address injuries such as:

  • Knee and ligament Injuries
  • Ankle sprains or fractures
  • Achilles tendon tears
  • Wrist and elbow injuries
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Fractures
  • Contusions (bruises)
How do I get referred?

Referral can be made from your family physician or nurse practitioner, emergency department, or walk-in clinic.  You will typically be seen in the Acute Injury Clinic within 2 weeks of referral.

Referrals should be faxed to 519-603-0640.