435 King St. N, Waterloo

Alexandra Ilich

B.H.Sc.(PT), H.B.Sc., MCPA, Advanced BoneFit™ Certified

Registered Physiotherapist

Alexandra graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science Physiotherapy degree in 2000 from McMaster University.  Since then, she has received extensive training in manual therapy through the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physical Therapists (CAMPT), and is well versed in biomechanical assessments for musculoskeletal injuries and disease processes.  Alexandra’s post graduate work includes successful completion of Level 3 exams for manual therapy through CAMPT, acupuncture certification through Acupuncture Foundation of Canada, Bone Fit Advanced Certified through Osteoporosis Canada, involvement in numerous research studies with the University of Waterloo Kinesiology Department pertaining to osteoporosis and physiotherapy interventions.

Alexandra’s treatment philosophy involves restoring movement to the dysfunctional joint and/or muscles in order to normalize movement and prevent recurrence.  She is a strong believer in fostering health promotion and preventing functional decline with disease processes.  Treatments may include manual therapy, modalities, acupuncture and individualized exercise prescription.

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