435 King St. N, Waterloo

Waterloo Medical Weight and Wellness Clinic at MSK

A Team Approach to Helping You Live Your Healthiest, Most Enjoyable Life



Obesity Is A Real Health Condition. Treatment Exists. The Same As It Does For Other Chronic Conditions

Weight & Wellness Program

  • 6 Month program for anyone living with obesity or a weight related health Issue, including osteoarthritis
  • Comprehensive medical assessment Identifying any underlying causes of weight gain, followed by an individualized plan
  • Support with behaviour change toward healthier lifestyle choices
  • Focus health gains (vs. numbers on the scale)
  • Medication to help with successful lifestyle changes, when appropriate

Your Team

A cohesive team that works with you to identify achievable goals that will improve your health and day to day living.

  • Medical Doctor
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Kinesiologist
  • Pharmacist

Call or email to book your initial OHIP covered medical consult.
* Physician referral required, ask your doctor for a referral – to be sent via fax or e referral.


Program Director: Dr. Jennifer Dignam
Phone: 226-808-4267
Fax: 519-489-2988
Program Notes
  • Interdisciplinary team not covered by OHIP
  • Program fee – extended health benefit packages may cover part of the program.
  • No negation to family physicians
  • In-person and virtual appointments available. Program includes both group and individual visits


Please see Dr. David Macklin’s video below. Dr. Macklin is a leader in obesity medicine.
He explains how obesity is a chronic condition, and he talks about the treatment.